May 3, 2018

NYC Junk Car Removal Towing Service

nyc junk car removal

NYC Junk Car Removal Service. If you want to junk your car: Give us a call to schedule a pickup time. Have a copy of your license and title ready for our records. All files submitted will be confidential. We will junk your car within a 40-mile radius. We pride ourselves in providing affordable, professional and reliable towing to Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas including Queens, Bronx, Staten Island & Manhattan, Give us a call so we can get a chance to meet and do business with our responsible towing company. NYC Junk car removal service is open 24 hours in the New York City area. Give us a call to schedule an early pick up for your old car. We will be more than happy to help you remove that junk car taking up space in the backyard or the driveway.

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